Vitreous Enamel Concave Copper & Teal Disc Earrings

Vitreous Enamel Concave Copper & Teal Disc Earrings


Vitreous Enamel Concave

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18mm [3/4inch] Simple and elegant copper concave discs, act as a tiny bowl to hold the lovely translucent, teal glass center. Sterling Silver handcrafted ear wires

Vitreous enamel is composed of finely ground glass powder that I sift over hand cut natural copper shapes. This is then carefully heated with a plumbers torch or small kiln to reach1500 degrees. At that temperature, the powdered glass liquifies, spreads and forms a beautiful glass surface.  For the cells or crackle techniques it spreads, pools and collects in cells, forming a distinct pattern. The pieces are then allowed to slow cool for several hours after which time the glass is permanently adhered to the metal underneath. 

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