Vitreous Enamel Gecko Pendant Two Ways

Vitreous Enamel Gecko Pendant Two Ways


Gecko Oval or Single Pendant


Gecko alert! These two charming gecko inspired pendants grew from the same project. The 1.5 inch oval pendant base is copper which was  made by hand pierced sawing into the lizard pattern. The piece was domed, enameled in a rich green apple color and then paired with a deep navy blue tin underneath to enhance the opening. Finished with an 17.5 inch silver plated chain and lobster clasp and accented with a faceted Czech chandelier crystal.

The single 1 inch gecko pendant is made from the pierced remnant of the oval. Also enameled in vibrant apple green and finished with a dainty 18 in copper chain and lobster clasp.

Vitreous enamel consists of finely ground glass powder that I sift over hand cut copper shapes. This is then carefully heated with a plumbers torch to reach 1500 degrees. At that temperature, the powdered glass liquifies, and for the crackle technique it spreads, forming a distinct pattern. The pieces are then allowed to slow cool for several hours after which time the glass is permanently adhered to the metal underneath. 

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Gecko Oval Pendant, Single Gecko