Vintage Tin Necklace- Repurposed Box Locket Style Pendant



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These Repurposed Vintage Tin Box Locket Style Pendants were created by repurposing tiny antique metal boxes that once held watch parts or the small objects.

They have been lined with colorful tin backgrounds and the keepsake version has a recycled vintage flower button accent.

They can be used as a locket, but mainly they are to be enjoyed as a conversation piece.

A. S Larose Inc.- the metal box is 30mm in diameter and features an acrylic crystal dangle accent. the 38in long stainless steel chain allows the pendant to hang near the belly button. The inside features a cheery floral rose and butterfly tin motif

B. Waltham – the metal box is 38mm in diameter and features a repurposed hinge as a bail. Accented with an antique brass ball chain and a fun chain tassel detail. The ball chain is appx 24inches long. The inside features a blue and yellow French country tin motif.

C. Keepsake – the metal box is a 30mm in diameter and features a repurposed tassel earring as an accent. The 25in chain is also repurposed from vintage costume jewelry and features a toggle clasp. The inside is decorates with a turquoise pop art floral pattern and features a tiny turquoise flower charm.


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