Cigar Scian Smoking Dagger

Cigar Scian Smoking Dagger



   Created with ‘zero waste’ in mind, these unique Cigar Scian smoking daggers are created using repurposed silver plated serving platters or responsibly sourced natural copper.

Scian is a Celtic word meaning long sword, and that is the essence of their purpose. Use the Scian near the conclusion of your cigar. No need for burnt fingers or waste of a fine cigar, simply skewer the end and continue to enjoy.

Scians are handmade and each is unique. They are approximately 2.75-3 inches long and offer a gently curved handle to comfortably rest in your fingers.

If you need a specific, size, shape, texture or pattern, please message me prior to purchase and I will do my best to customize your order.

   Tiny marks or scratches may be present due to the history and age of the repurposed metals. They add to the charm and authenticity of the piece.

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