Vintage Tin Rings- Small Bezel -Stainless Steel [size 7]

Vintage Tin Rings- Small Bezel -Stainless Steel [size 7]


Small Bezel Vintage Tin Rings


Created with ‘zero waste’ in mind, these eco-friendly, lightweight, durable and carefree vintage tin under resin rings will make a beautiful statement on your hand. These are medium bezel, stainless steel or antique brass and are adjustable to fit most finger sizes. See detailed description below for details.


  1.  Black Mandala/stainless steel /size 7 SOLD OUT
  2. Black & White Leaf/stainless steel /size 7
  3. Blue-Green Abstract /stainless steel /size 7
  4.  Bold Yellow Fuchsia 1 /stainless steel/ size 7
  5. Subtle Pink & Red Abstract/ stainless steel/size 7
  6.  Bold Yellow Fuchsia 2 /stainless steel/size 7
  7.  Pink & White lines /stainless steel/size 7
  8. Blue & White Dais/stainless steel /size 7
  9. Blue-Black Filigree/stainless steel / size 7
  10. Blue & Yellow Flower/stainless steel /size 7
  11. Yellow Pin & Purple Floral/stainless steel /size 7
  12. Orange Leaves/stainless steel /size 7

Handcrafted from a vintage or modern up-cycled steel tin container. Each piece is hand cut, filed, sanded and shaped to form a personal, one of a kind accessory. Encased in clear jewelry resin.

Tiny marks or scratches are present due to the history and age of the tin. They only add to the whimsy, charm and authenticity of the piece.

Tin is the traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift because tin is both strong and flexible.


++ All TTE purchases are packaged suitably for gift giving. Each purchase comes boxed, logo wrapped and packaged with a TTE business card.   Should you wish, a personalized gift card can be included to your recipient at no additional charge. Please mention this at the time of your purchase.

+++ If you wish to purchase multiple or coordinating pieces, they can be combined for discount shipping.

Please message me prior to purchase and I will bundle them for you.

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